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Letter of Recommendation from Gary Null,
Chairman & CEO of Gary Null & Associates, Inc.


Recommendations from David Slater's LinkedIn Profile: (

“I worked with David for over three years while at Teshkeel Media Group. He acted as our legal counsel and did an excellent job. The legal work on the divestiture of to Demand Media was particularly well done. Smart, thorough, and easy to work with, I absolutely recommend David.” February 22, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Marc Liu
Hired David as a Attorney in 2007.


“I have called on David for multiple services from establishing an LLC, to fighting a law suit, to helping me develop and strategize my new real estate business. David's ideas have always been the best, his support is unending, and he speaks to me in terms I can understand. David is the type of professional while being an expert in his field, also shows a true concern for his clients and an understanding of how difficult many legal situations can seem to those who do not practice law. I would give David my highest recommendation for anyone seeking legal counsel or business advice.” April 29, 2009

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Susan Clevenberg
Hired David as a Attorney in 2007, and hired David more than once.


“David Slater is a hands-on and capable manager, based on my experience working with him while he was Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel at Gary Null & Associates. In addition to having a detail orientation that both positions require, he has the ability to zoom out to the big picture perspective to keep an organization on the right strategic path as well. David consistently delivers quality output under pressure, within often unrealistic time constraints, with humor and grace. David has the highest integrity of any professional I have ever worked with.” March 6, 2010

Manette Loudon, Producer, Gary Null Associates
Worked directly with David at Gary Null & Associates, Inc.

"David Slater is a truly extraordinary attorney, business leader, broadcast production consultant and independent filmmaker.  I had the privilege of working with David for many years on a variety of projects including the creation of PBS television specials, award-winning independent films and a host of marketing initiatives. David's insights and input were absolutely essential to the success of these projects in a multitude of ways.

As an attorney, David's solid, in-depth knowledge of business law and FTC compliance for television, film and radio  make him absolutely invaluable to any media company, television studio or other broadcast production outlet.

David's high-level business leadership provides the crucial direction needed for his client's optimal growth and profitability. His sound business acumen stems from his entrepreneurial background as well as his experience as a CEO, COO, and CLO for multimillion dollar corporations.

And if this weren't enough, David is an experienced filmmaker and is extremely knowledgeable about all the latest broadcast production equipment and technology including HD workflows - enabling his clients to maximize efficiency and stay ahead of the competition.

Above all, David is someone you can always count on - he always comes through exceeding all expectations. His straightforward approach, quick thinking, creative insights and great sense of humor make him a true asset to anyone.  I can't recommend David highly enough."

Richard Polonetsky
VP Business/Creative Development
Gary Null & Associates, Inc.

“David has shown himself to be a very dedicated, serious, and a highly competent attorney. I have worked closely with him on several projects and was impressed by the wisdom he has gained from his experience. He does not hesitate to offer his capable advice when he feels it will benefit the client. He does not put tasks on the back burner, but is responsible and hard working, and will do what needs to be done to finish the job. He manages his time well and conducts his business in a highly professional manner. He is a team player and works well when having to deal with many personalities on a project. I would highly recommend David for any legal guidance one may require.” February 25, 2010

Steve Null, Director, friends of lead free children
Worked with David at Gary Null & Associates, Inc.

“David is a creative, innovative and fantastic attorney. He has tremendous knowledge and experience in the fields of law, business and entertainment. I was lucky to work with David when I was a producer at Gary Null & Associates, Inc. and I continue to work with him today on various projects. I recommend David to anyone looking for strong legal, business and entertainment counsel and consulting.” February 21, 2010

Scott Kaufman, COO & VP, Gumbo Multimedia Entertainment, Inc.
Worked directly with David at Gary Null & Associates, Inc.

“David is a focused, professional, legal provider who is an advocate for all of his Clients. His professional energy makes him a creative thinker and problem solver, dedicated and loyal to all of his Clients. I highly recommend David.” February 20, 2010

Sloane Cooper, Producer, Gary Null
Worked with David at Gary Null & Associates, Inc.


“David was very effective in representing the co. on matters involving employment matters as well as litigation issues. He was efficient and timely.” February 22, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Gene Arick
Hired David as a Attorney in 2001.

Other Recommendations:
Dear Mr. Itkowitz:
I'm glad to let you know that I am pleased with the results and wish to say that I was quite impressed with David Slater who I have high regards for.  Thank you.
Joseph F.
Real Estate Developer
Dear David:
Great Brief!  Thanks.
Irving G.
Attorney for the City of New York
Dear David:
Excellent Job!  Let her roll!
Jay B. Itkowitz
Managing Partner of Itkowitz & Harwood

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